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Recital 2021

We have approached recital week! Please refer to the information below for each recital rehearsal information and recital information!
There will be no regular classes at the studio this week as our staff is prepping for rehearsals and recital!
Listed below is all the important information regarding recital rehearsals. Performer Information:
Performers will wear their black Superstars shirt and black short/capris/pants for rehearsal. Students will need to bring their dance shoes with them. When arriving, students will find their class name and assigned helper. They will stay with that person until they have completed their class routines on stage. If a performer needs multiple shoes, they will need to bring ALL pairs of shoes with them behind stage. When your child is done rehearsing, we ask that you please exit the PAC so other classes after you can enter and we do not exceed our number of attendees in the auditorium.
Spectator Information:
Each student will be allowed 4 people at recital rehearsal on June 3rd and 4th at the Norwalk Performing Arts Center. We will not be handing out tickets for this rehearsal, but ask that you PLEASE abide by the school’s rules on spectator limitations in the auditorium. We do not want any repercussions from rehearsal to be placed on us for recital the following day, so it is imperative that all families abide by these guidelines. Once again, the school has limited us on how many students and parents are in the PAC center at once – this is a school rule that the studio and its families are required to adhere to. We have scheduled our rehearsal accordingly in order to be in compliance with the school guidelines.
Saturday, June 5 at the Norwalk Performing Arts Center
Recital A: 1:00 PM  |  Recital B: 3:30 PM  |  Recital C: 6:30 PM
SHOW ORDERS: Performer Information:
Performers need to arrive 20 minutes before the recital start time and will need to report to the Eastview cafeteria. Students will be checked in and sit with their class while waiting to be staged. If students are in multiple classes, students will go to the FIRST class they will perform in for that recital.

Performers should arrive in their costume and bring their dance shoes. Once again, if you are in multiple classes, please wear the costume of your first performing class. You can find the recital orders above for each recital.

Since the majority of our students are under the age of 12 and not eligible yet for vaccination, we are going to ask that masks be worn by the students while they are in the school any time they are not performing on stage - this includes any time they are in the cafeteria waiting to perform, and while they waiting in the hallways or backstage prior to their performance. We will do our best to keep the students socially distanced in the cafeteria, hallways, and backstage - however, given the number of students we will have in one smaller space at a time, we feel masks are necessary, especially to keep everyone safe. Please make sure you talk to your child about your wishes of wearing a mask on stage. A system for masks will be in place backstage to ensure students will get their own masks back. Students will not be required to wear masks while performing on stage, but are welcome to if your family chooses to do so. If you prefer to have your child wear their mask on stage, please make sure you reiterate that with your child, and tell the helper you check in with so they can make note of it as well.

Spectator Information:
Tickets have been distributed to families. Each ticket will be good to admit 2 PEOPLE PER TICKET. When you bring your tickets to recital, our admission directors will take your ticket and allow 2 people to enter the auditorium per ticket. Please note that any person attending the show, regardless of age, will count as one person. We are hopeful this will help with our split families, and/or siblings or grandparents, family members, or friends, who may want to attend the show. Doors to the auditorium will open 30 minutes before show time. Please remember there is NO food or drink (including water) allowed in the Norwalk Performing Arts Center.

Masks are not required to be worn in the school facility by audience members, but the school encourages anyone who is not vaccinated to wear a mask.

Just a reminder, DVD order forms are attached to this email. Since we are doing 3 separate shows, which are shorter, we will be putting the routines from EVERY show together on one DVD for you. If you want a DVD, please order ASAP!

We will also still be offering a livestream link for those family members and friends who are not able to attend in person. A private link will be emailed to everyone prior to the recital, so you can share that link with anyone who would like to watch from home. Please be on the lookout for that email as recital approaches!
At SUPERSTARS PERFORMING ARTS, our students learn skills that develop self-discipline, poise, the ability to perform in front of large audiences, pride in accomplishment, and an individual style of expression!

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