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Recital 2021

This page will be used to communicate important info regarding the recital, rehearsals, and pictures as recital weekend approaches!

Due to the pandemic, there are some important changes to the typical way we conduct pictures, rehearsals, and recital so PLEASE take time to read through this information thoroughly so you are aware of this year's changes, protocols, and guidelines.
May 10-14
The week of May 10-14 will be in-studio dress rehearsal. All recreational classes will wear their costumes to class. Students will practice their dances in their costumes. If your child has a class longer than 30 minutes, please send clothes your child can change into after the class has rehearsed their routines.
Thursday, June 3 - Competition Team Rehearsal
Friday, June 4 - Recreation Class Rehearsal
Recital rehearsals will be at the Norwalk Performing Arts Center. Due to the number of people we can have at the Norwalk Performing Center at one time we have had to block the rehearsals to a smaller number of classes at a time. Two people are allowed to accompany the student to rehearsal. Students arrive with their Superstars shirt and black bottoms. Bring your dance shoes as well! Students will do their routines on the stage and then are done with rehearsal! Both parents and students will be required to wear masks at the recital rehearsals and recitals. More specific information will be sent out as we get closer.
Saturday, June 5, 2021
As you know, this year's recital is going to look different than in years past. The school has limited the number of students and audience members we are allowed to have in the Norwalk Performing Arts Center at one time. We are only allowed to have a maximum of 100 students in the building at a time, and each of those students will only be allowed 2 tickets for audience members. With these limitations, we have had to modify how we block the recitals in order to comply with the school's rules.

In order to accommodate the regulations set forth by the school, it required us to break out the recitals into three separate shows. All three recitals will be held on Saturday, June 5, 2021. Recital "A" will begin at 1:00 PM, Recital "B" will begin at 3:30 PM, and Recital "C" will begin at 6:30 PM. We have done our absolute best to divide the classes in a way that will have the least amount of impact on our students and their families. With over 200 students at the studio, this has proven to be quite the task, and there are some students who will have to perform in multiple shows. Fortunately, all of the shows will be held on the same day, so it will not require students in multiple shows to devote their entire weekend to recital performances.

Below you will find the recital breakouts of which classes will perform in each show. This is NOT the order of performance, but rather just a listing of which classes will perform in each specific show. An order of appearance for each recital will be communicated in the coming weeks as they are finalized.

Also, we are currently working on getting a livestream set up for each of the recitals, and are also hoping to have our videographer put the routines from ALL of the three separate shows on to one DVD, as opposed to separate DVDs for each show. We hope this will help with those who have to perform in multiple shows, and that the end product will have more of a typical recital feel to it.

PLEASE know we realize this may not be an ideal situation, but the school is doing what they feel is best to keep our students, their families, and our staff safe. This has been (and will continue to be) our top priority for the studio as well. While we are disappointed that this year's recital will not look and feel the same as it has in the past, we are extremely grateful that we even get to have a show at all this year. It is our hope that even though there will be restrictions to this year's show, that everyone will be able to understand and appreciate how fortunate we are to have a recital this year, and will make the best of it and enjoy each student's chance to perform and shine on stage!

We appreciate everyone's cooperation and support during this most unprecedented season, and what it means for our 2021 recital.

We are so grateful for all of you, and we look forward to making this year's recital one to remember!

Thank you -
Superstars Staff
Please let us know if you have any questions!
Superstars Staff
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